About Us

Innovative Tech Solutions is a complete service outsourced solutions provider with vast domain expertise in the areas of Application Development, Technical Support, Lead Generation, Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Marketing etc. ITS offers innovative outsourcing solutions to the organization by giving a proper mix of our strengths in transition with our deep-rooted business consulting expertise. Organizations that can truly develop this model can turn BPO into a planned competitive advantage.

We understand outsourcing and that is the only reason why we understand that working the way our clients work is key to outsourcing success. As clients partner, we amalgamate global contrasts to their benefit. Innovative Tech Solutions highly praised transition management tools make sure that clients that connect with us never need to come out of their "comfort zone", but yet accomplish their financial objectives and business goals.

We have a strong belief that irrespective of the organizations, industries that outclass in retaining, acquiring and servicing the precise customers will be awarded in the long run. Managing customer relationships, nurturing perfection and adding significance to them is how ITS enables organizations worldwide to constantly improve their business performance.

ITS is a group of energetic, dynamic skilled and highly dedicated professionals who strive to benefit our clients by doing what we are best at – Finding Solutions. We treat everyone with respect and we value her/his thoughts and ideas. Our team is engaged to evaluate and execute the top technology strategies for client’s requirements. We pride ourselves on our skill to not only respond to the current variations, but to forecast and innovate for the changes of future.

Flexibility is the foundation stone of our achievement. Not all organizations look to implement fundamental change. We are passionate about opportunity, encouraging variety and engage with equal excitement with clients looking to implement a “trial and learn” model, one process at a time, and with those who aim to transform several processes at once.